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government announces summerside as location for centre to offer abortions

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wholesale jerseys He tried again and by late September, the city voluntarily restored the video online and gave Bolin a copy, ending an OIPC process that appeared to be heading toward a second inquiry.But it wasn’t the last time council retracted council video and the city’s FOI coordinator Sheila Gurrie doesn’t believe process was followed in either case.Gurrie and Tracy Samra, the city’s chief administrative officer, claim there’s been a history of interference by staff in what’s supposed to be a process handled independently by those designated to handle FOI requests.”What she’s saying is basically there’s been struggles throughout the years sometimes with staff interfering in the FOI process,” said Gurrie.The City of Nanaimo records its council meetings, allowing the public to view the decision making process in person, live on television and online, or through recorded video.Bradley Weldon, senior policy analyst for the privacy commissioner, said in the case of a recorded video, the city isn’t obligated to disclose it in the first place, under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, and can retract under sections of that same act, in cases where disclosure of information invades a third party’s privacy.According to legal documents posted on Bolin’s blog, the city initially claimed it retracted video from a July 14, 2014, meeting under two sections of the act, because statements were made about city employees and their employment history.Gurrie said if there was a privacy breach it would have gone through her office but it did not. She is not aware of anyone other than herself who can redact information and said she was concerned that process wasn’t followed. This isn’t, however, how it was done,” she said.The city has restored the video online wholesale jerseys.



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